Pulp & Paper Chemicals

Experts in the world-wide paper chemicals business

Canda International has over 30 years experience in the Pulp & Paper Chemicals Business and aims to provide independent support in the following areas:

  • Manufacturing, Sourcing, Marketing, R&D/New product development.
  • Market/technology analysis and insight.
  • Marketing communications - technical writing and Marketing copy (advertising, PR, ghost-writing etc)
  • Optimising the sourcing of chemicals world-wide.
  • Providing product-specific technical solutions:
    • Process Chemicals: Wet-End Chemicals, Water Treatment, Foam Control Agents, Deposit Control.
    • Functional Chemicals: Optical Brightening Agents, Dyes, Strength, Sizing, Grease-Resistance and Barrier Coatings.
  • Improving business processes
  • Innovation - from idea to commercialisation .... speed to market
  • Adapting to regulations and standards (especially REACH)
  • Managing environmental issues
  • Training and development - extensive range of programmes
  • M&A - identifying acquisition targets; independent support in due diligence
  • Developing global strategies - board-level support and advice
  • Acting as an expert witness - intellectual property; trade secrets; copyright; product liability; insurance or any litigation involving pulp and paper chemicals