European Recovered Paper Council produces a de-inkability score for printed products

Deinking, the removal of printing inks, is a major step in the recycling process of printed graphic products to produce a bright pulp suitable for a wide range of recycled papers and board.

For an efficient functioning of the circular economy it is valuable that products can be recycled to similar quality levels as the original products. It is therefore desirable that printed products are deinkable. If they are not deinkable, printed products can be recycled to lower grade paper and board.

The deinkability of a printed product as a whole can be assessed by only looking at its Deinkability Score, which can range from -100 to +100. For individual products this is done by using the rating of the results given in this specification or by comparing the Deinkability Scores of several printed products.

If a more thorough technical / scientific evaluation has to be made, the individual scores or the mea- sured values of the deinkability parameters can be used.

Ecolabels for printed matter on European and National levels require a positive deinkability result. In many cases, this can be achieved by choosing the proper printing technology and material combination. For these cases, exemptions for deinkability tests are defined in an annex to this Scorecard. This annex is subject to review and revision according to new knowledge gained.

The European Recovered Paper Council document provides an assessment of the deinkability of a printed product by evaluating results of a laboratory deinking test procedure. It is applicable to all kinds of printed graphic products on white paper.

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