Paperchem Report – for market insight

Taken directly form the Paperchem Report website …..

‘A monthly subscription newsletter specifically targeting the information requirements of the specialty paper chemicals segment.

Paperchem Report is intended to provide insight to papermakers and specialty chemicals suppliers involved respectively in buying and marketing pigments and chemicals. The report has become essential reading for buyers as they look to gauge the mood of the market in preparation for price negotiations. Encompassing global markets, coverage includes:

detailed analysis of mergers and acquisitions
progress and outcome of price negotiations
the effect of petrochemical, energy and other raw material price movements on specialty chemical costs
observations on paper industry expansion and on machine closures, downtime and industrial action, impacting on pigment and chemical offtake
investment and rationalisation as the paper and board industry migrates from the mature North American and European markets to Asia, and particularly China
new product development
In-depth discussion of developments in the following paper pigments:

Carbonates – natural and synthetic
Titanium dioxide
Paperchem Report also provides detailed monthly analysis of the paper segment of the markets for starch and latex. Developments affecting other specialty chemicals, including sizes, retention aids, de-foamers and coating chemicals are regularly explored.’

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