The Social Progress Index – an alternative way to look at the best places to live

Smile sadThere is a growing number of indexes which compare the different places we live in the world and rank them using various criteria – the the Economist’s Big Mac Index, the Legatum Prosperity Index and there are others if one only compares the suspect GDP figures issued by countries throughout the world.

TED is often a good place to go for ideas on most things, and they too have published an approach which makes a case for judging a place to live, not by its GDP, but by a Social Progress Index. Some countries are missed in their analysis but it is another way of looking at things. In the end it depends on what you personally value about where you live or where you would long to live.

Take a look at the Social Progress Index which gives an alternative way of looking at the best places to live. What do you think?

What is open innovation?

Often I read about open innovation and that we have no choice but to embrace this approach to innovation whether an individual entrepreneur, an SME or a large innovative company.

A good place to start to understand this approach to innovation is with the work of Stefan Lindegaard who provides insight into:

• The essentials: What open innovation is and why it matters?
• An overview of the mindset and skills needed to succeed with open innovation
• An understanding of the impact of social media on open innovation

For a good introduction, please click here